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Negative Interest Rates and their Applications in Finance and Economics / submitted by Gerhard Holzknecht
Additional Titles
Negative Zinsen und ihre Anwendungen in Wirtschaft und Finanzmärkten
AuthorHolzknecht, Gerhard
CensorStehlik, Milan
PublishedLinz, 2017
Descriptionx, 57 Blätter : Illustrationen
Institutional NoteUniversität Linz, Masterarbeit, 2017
Abweichender Titel laut Übersetzung der Verfasserin/des Verfassers
Document typeMaster Thesis
Keywords (DE)negative Zinsen / stochastische Zinsen / Pensionsfonds
Keywords (EN)negative interest rates / stochastic interest rates / pension funds
Keywords (GND)Finanzwirtschaft / Kreditmarkt / Zinsfuß / Pensionskasse
URNurn:nbn:at:at-ubl:1-16718 Persistent Identifier (URN)
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Negative Interest Rates and their Applications in Finance and Economics [1.15 mb]
Abstract (English)

Negative interest rates are a prevalent topic on European financial markets since the early 2010s. Nevertheless the modeling methods in companies and other insti- tutions adjust slowly. This thesis investigates methods for modeling interest rates and presents examples of application fields. As a prime example, Austrian pension funds are considered and how they might have to adjust to a negative interest rate environment. The population structure of Austria is examined and additionally the pension system of Austria is introduced briefly. A life expectancy model is develo- ped specifically for Austrian data and feasibility ratios are calculated according to different methods. The results show that negative interest rates can have a strong impact on the feasibility of pension fund agreements, meaning that an adverse inte- rest rates development will make pension contracts totally unattractive for potential subscribers. As a small complement, yield curves and their behavior in a negative interest environment are considered.

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