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Alternative input methods for CAD software / submitted by Daniel Stöger, B.Sc.
AuthorStöger, Daniel
CensorAnderst-Kotsis, Gabriele
PublishedLinz, 2017
Descriptionvi, 92 Blätter : Illustrationen
Institutional NoteUniversität Linz, Masterarbeit, 2017
Document typeMaster Thesis
Keywords (GND)CAD / Software / Dateneingabegerät / Innovation
URNurn:nbn:at:at-ubl:1-21776 Persistent Identifier (URN)
 The work is publicly available
Alternative input methods for CAD software [21.21 mb]
Abstract (English)

With current developments in technology and human computer interaction, new possibilities to improve and revolutionize the interaction with CAD software are emerging. The goal of this thesis is to answer the question, whether alternative input methods are feasible for CAD applications. The research includes a detailed review of the state of the art as well an analysis of selected existing technologies like graphics tablets, 3D mouse devices and gesture interfaces. Based on this initial research, technologies and scenarios with potential for non-standard interaction have been selected and two pro-totypes were developed. The first one being a touch-less gesture interface using the LeapMotion sensor device, and the second one being a remote input app that allows the user to control a CAD application on a desktop with touch gestures performed on a mobile device. A detailed evaluation of both prototypes was carried out with a selected user group. The findings of the evaluation lead to the conclusion that the implemented prototypes are feasible for CAD applications and do provide more intuitive alternatives for scenarios like presenting and inspecting models, but lack precision for everyday work. To fully replace traditional interfaces, it will take devices that outperform the mouse in precision and efficiency.

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