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Validation study on spatially averaged twofluid model for gassolid flows : I. A priori analysis of wall bounded flows
AuthorSchneiderbauer, Simon
Published in
AIChE Journal, 2018, Vol. 64, Issue 5, page 1591-1605
PublishedWiley, 2018
Document typeJournal Article
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Validation study on spatially averaged twofluid model for gassolid flows [1.15 mb]
Abstract (English)

In our prior study (Schneiderbauer, AIChE J, 2017;63(8):35443562), we presented a spatially averaged twofluid model, where closure models for the unresolved terms were derived. These closures require constitutive relations for the turbulent kinetic energies (TKEs) of the gas and solids phase as well as for the subfilter variance of the solids volume fraction (VVF). In this study, we have performed highly resolved TFM simulations of a set of threedimensional wall dominated periodic channels. An a priori analysis shows that these closures are able to correctly predict the wall profiles of the subgrid drag modification, the TKEs, the turbulent viscosities and the VVF without requiring special wall corrections. Solely the mixing lengths, which is required by the closures, has to be adapted in the vicinity of wall similar to singlephase turbulence; in particular, the minimum of the filter size and the distance to the wall should be used.

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