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Validation study on spatially averaged twofluid model for gassolid flows : II. Application to risers and fluidized beds
AuthorSchneiderbauer, Simon
Published in
AIChE Journal, 2018, Vol. 64, Issue 5, page 1606-1617
PublishedWiley, 2018
Document typeJournal Article
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Validation study on spatially averaged twofluid model for gassolid flows [1.15 mb]
Abstract (English)

In our prior study (Schneiderbauer, AIChE J. 2017;63(8):35443562), a spatially averaged twofluid model (SATFM) was presented, where closure models for the unresolved terms were derived. These closures require constitutive relations for the turbulent kinetic energies of the gas and solids phase as well as for the subfilter variance of the solids volume fraction. We had ascertained that the filtered model do yield nearly the same timeaveraged macroscale flow behavior in bubbling fluidized beds as the underlying kinetictheorybased twofluid model, thus verifying the SATFM model approach. In the present study, a set of 3D computational simulations for validation of the SATFM against the experimental data on riser flow and bubbling fluidized beds is performed. Finally, the SATFM predictions are in fairly good agreement with experimental data in the case of Geldart A and B particles even though using very coarse grids.

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