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Hydrogel-based flexible micro-reference electrodes for use in alkaline and neutral pH solutions
AuthorSchimo, Gabriela ; Grill, Carina Daniela ; Kollender, Jan Philipp ; Hassel, Achin Walter
Published in
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, Berlin ; Heidelberg, 2016, Vol. 20, Issue 10, page 2749-2757
PublishedBerlin ; Heidelberg : Springer, 2016
Document typeJournal Article
Keywords (EN)Reference electrodes / Microelectrodes / Flexible / Chloride-free
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Hydrogel-based flexible micro-reference electrodes for use in alkaline and neutral pH solutions [1.11 mb]
Abstract (English)

Two types of nonbreakable, flexible micro-reference electrodes filled with gel-electrolytes were prepared for use in solutions with alkaline and neutral pH. The electrodes are intended for electrochemical measurements, in which chloride-free conditions are important. Due to the flexible, bendable construction of the electrodes, electrochemical experiments at locations difficult to access with common reference electrodes are enabled. Hg|HgO-type electrodes were prepared from amalgamated Au wires, followed by oxidation of the amalgam, which is mounted in a PTFE tube filled with 0.1M NaOH solution immobilized in a PAA-g-PEO gel. The potential of this type of electrode was found to be 0.1620.002 V (SHE) at room temperature. Cu|CuSO4 electrodes, consisting of a Cu wire immersed in a saturated CuSO4 solution jellied with gelatin, showed a stable open-circuit potential of 0.3120.001 V (SHE). Further characterization of the electrodes was performed in terms of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and micro-polarization measurements. As an alternative to the flexible electrodes, rigid electrodes in glass enclosure were fabricated in analogy to the flexible-type electrodes.

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