Employees at the Johannes Kepler University Linz can enter scientific and academic documents on to the JKU ePub system. However, documents will only be made accessible after being reviewed by the library. If you have any questions, please send an inquiry to open-access(at)jku.at.

Upload Open Access Publications

Please use the following form depending on the type of publication:


Publication of an essay or article from a journal

Publication of an essay or article from a collective work

Alternatively you can also send your document to: open-access(at)jku.at to upload or talk with us regarding any technical or legal specifications.

What can up uploaded to the JKU ePub system?

Secondary publications of scientific/academic publications such as:

  • Journal articles
  • Essays/articles in collected works
  • Monographs
  • Individual chapters from monographs
  • Working papers
  • Conference papers
  • Technical reports

Electronic first release publications can only be added providing they comply with corresponding quality control. Documents – such as teaching materials, readers, and/or presentations – cannot be uploaded to the JKU ePub system.

Legal Information

If you have signed a publishing contract, please make sure to check if and what agreements have been made regarding second publishing. If the contract does not contain clauses pertaining to second publishing, you can check Sherpa/Romeo (http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo/) in regards to the terms and conditions of over 2600 journals regarding their open access conditions. If the journal, periodical, or publisher is not listed, you can consult the publisher’s homepage or send an e-mail request to the publisher.

If you need assistance with any legal clarification, please contact us at the University Library: open-access(at)jku.at. By request, we can undertake the required research for you.

Uploading and making documents accessible on the publication server are copyright-relevant terms of use. If you are not the sole copyright holder, you may only upload the document(s) to the platform with the explicit written consent by the third-party (such as the co-author(s) or the publisher(s)). By uploading the work, you acknowledge that you are authorized to do so and have clarified any and all copyright laws. If you need any assistance clarifying legal terms and conditions, the University Library is more than happy to help you.