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Anodization behaviour and basic property mapping in the aluminium-erbium system
AuthorMardare, Andrei Ionut ; Mardare, Cezarina Cela ; Hassel, Achim Walter
Published in
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 2018, Vol. 22, Issue 3, page 869-876
PublishedSpringer Berlin Heidelberg, 2018
Document typeJournal Article
Keywords (EN)Combinatorial libraries / High-throughput experimentation / Scanning droplet cell microscopy / Anodic oxide film / Erbium / Aluminium
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Anodization behaviour and basic property mapping in the aluminium-erbium system [1.7 mb]
Abstract (English)

A co-evaporation technique was used for depositing an Al-Er thin film combinatorial library on borosilicate glass substrates with Er concentrations between 3 and 21 at.% and a total compositional resolution of 0.25 at.% mm1. Scanning droplet cell microscopy was employed for compositional mapping of several fundamental properties of mixed oxides grown on Al-Er thin film alloys. Microstructural and crystallographic particularities of Al-Er alloys were identified along the library, and a relevant compositional threshold at around Al-5 at.% Er was identified. Further, small surface grains in the nanometre range were found at Al grain boundaries, and an initial amorphization and/or hexagonal phase nucleation was identified for Er amounts around 5 at.%. Electrochemical studies revealed the importance of this compositional threshold, as distinct maximizations of oxide formation factors and oxide electrical permittivities were observed.

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