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Crowdsourcing: Global search and the twisted roles of consumers and producers
AuthorBauer, Robert M. ; Gegenhuber, Thomas
Published in
Organization, 2015, Vol. 22, Issue 5, page 661-681
PublishedSAGE, 2015
Document typeJournal Article
Keywords (DE)Brand communities / control / crowdsourcing / digital labor / global search / marketing / open innovation / prosumer, / sharing economy, / working consumers
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Crowdsourcing: Global search and the twisted roles of consumers and producers [0.19 mb]
Abstract (English)

Crowdsourcing spreads and morphs quickly, shaping areas as diverse as creating, organizing, and sharing knowledge; producing digital artifacts; providing services involving tangible assets; or monitoring and evaluating. Crowdsourcing as sourcing by means of ‘global search yields four types of values for sourcing actors: creative expertise, critical items, execution capacity, and bargaining power. It accesses cheap excess capacities at the work realms margins, channeling them toward production. Provision and utilization of excess capacities rationalize society while intimately connecting to a broader societal trend twisting consumers and producers roles: leading toward ‘working consumers and ‘consuming producers and shifting power toward the latter. Similarly, marketers using crowdsourcings look and feel to camouflage traditional approaches to bringing consumers under control preserve producer power.

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